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música y más ~ a music and teaching ministry

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March ~ April 2005

Spring is bursting out all over ~

We are enjoying our Spring ~ a little earlier than you'all in the states. We are having clean, refreshing breezes that clear the pollution away:)  We are not enjoying the pollen in the air, but the trees and plants are beginning to change with all the new green growth that we see this time of year.

Thanks for visiting the site and we pray it will be a blessing catching up on our news:)

In His Great Love,  Grady, Leigh and Nina Pope

Zócalo ~ historic center ~ Mexico City

While the status quo continues in the historic center of Zócalo, like Aztec Indians dancing, pyramid worship~ there is a lot going on in the Kingdom ~

Moving and shaking ~ times of preparation and repositioning ~ these are just a few of the directions we are seeing the Lord move in so many lives.
It is truly an awesome time to invest in bringing others into the kingdom and training them up in the ways of the Lord.  There is a hunger in the hearts of the people to know God and to know what He would have them do with their lives.

Bringing in the New Year ~

New Beginnings ~ raising up the leadership couples

Under the direction of Idilio and Maruca Pardillo as part of continued efforts in bringing unity among the leadership here in Amistad Cristiana, and to ensure spiritual growth with the couples in leadership, we have just begun a year's commitment working together in classes once a month.  While Grady and I won't be teaching, we will be directly participating and benefitting from these times together with the leadership couples here.
We will have a class time for instruction and then a time of fellowship around the table.  We are looking forward to this time of renewal with the couples and also to get to know some of the many new couples who have been raised up for leadership over the past few years.
It is a privilege to work and live together in harmony as we seek the Lord for His continued leading and guidance in the work of the ministry here.
We are thankful for each meeting, and pray for those involved in the many different teaching ministries. We pray that the Spirit of the Lord will lead us together into the places He wants us to be for what He is preparing this Body to do.

During 2004 your continued financial support enabled us to:

*minister to pastors, worship leaders and musicians serving the church throughout Spain, last April in the 'Encuentro' event with Lindell Cooley in El Escorial,Spain, as well in many different areas of Mexico.

*minister and teach in the Cristo para las Naciones-Mexico Bible school here in Mexico City as well as the Patria Christian K-9 school and the CMT 3rd yr. missions training program, all of which are umbrella ministries of Amistad Cristiana

*continue to carry out the call of the Lord on our lives

*train, equip and serve the local church throughout Mexico

*Guest speaker in many different congregations in Mexico

*Youth Conferences in many different parts of Mexico

*Worship Conferences in many different parts of Mexico

*Guest speaker in vaious Schools of Worship

*reach out to developing worship teams in the States, and throughout Latin America as we travel

*teach workshops in LaMar Boschman's International Worship Instititue in Dallas, Texas

*reach out to pastors, worship and music leaders around the world through 'Encuentro' ~ Encuentro events throughout Mexico with Enrique Bremer ~