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Wynne & Jenni's News ~
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Wynne & Jenni Walker ~ July 2004
Waiting with us at the DFW airport.

moving with the Lord ~
In October '04, Wynne and Jenni relocated to Spring, Texas and are enjoying their home there and the new jobs they both have.  The Lord opened the doors for the move and we are believing they will grow into what the Lord has set before them to do there.
We will be there in March, as we pass through to spend the weekend with them on our way to North Carolina.  Jenni will be going with us for our niece's wedding ~ Rachel on March 26th.  We are glad that she could get away from work to join us and will miss Wynne as he will be working while we are all in N.C.
We truly see that Wynne & Jenni have a call on their lives and love the Lord. We know, from His Word, that this is His plan.  To continue His blessing to each generation as they make Him their dwelling place - He will inhabit their praises and prosper all they put their hands to do for His glory.
Our prayer over them continues to be that they will see His love over their home, that they will trust Him for their direction and guidance in each area of their lives.

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