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Fotos from the field
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Here are some photos of favorite places and things we all enjoy doing ~ in and around this city of 34 million people. 

We have sister churches in areas just outside the city - where Grady goes to minister frequently.  These visits allow us the opportunity to learn the culture of the people of this amazing country and the diversity that exists here!!


Above is a typical street in Milpa Alta ~

We visit the Amistad Crisitiana church there with Pastor Martin & Terri Naranjo and their family.  They always take us to the spice markets where we find wonderful 'canela' -cinnamon from India, dried chilis piled high, all kinds of nuts, huge pots of 'mole' powder used for making what we call 'mexican gravy'.... it's a wonderful place to visit. 

The church family is growing strong there and three of the congregation were in our 3rd year missions program at the Bible school.  They served their internship year church planting in the Philippines.

Catholic church in Milpa Alta ~

~ dried chilis ~

~ bins with different kinds of 'mole' ~


Pastor Martin Naranjo with Leigh in the chili 'mercado' ~