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Nina's Page ~

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One of our favorite pics ~ Nina w/Granpere at Jenni's wedding

 Life and times of Nina Pope ~
We will be celebrating Nina's 21st birthday in North Carolina this year with family and friends!!  We can hardly believe that she has reached this milestone and we are so encouraged by all that the Lord has done and continues to do in her life.
Nina is studying at the Cristo para las Naciones-Mexico Bible school, in her second semester.  She is enjoying her time there and has many friends among the students.
She also enjoys modeling when opportunities arise and has been doing some interpreting work, as well.  She makes time to keep up with dance at the gym close to our home.  Mom goes with her when she can:)


One of Nina's favorite things to do is to take care of her Yorky ~ Thaimha.   Thaimha has been part of our family since Christmas 2001.  She has lots of personality and entertains us all:)


These little poodle puppies were born to Gabriel's dog.  (Gabriel is Nina's beau)  They sold the puppies to raise money for missions projects this year.