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Encuentros 2004-2005

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Encuentros 2004-2005
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The Worship Encounters ~ encuentros ~ are a major part of what we are involved with, in the nation of Mexico.  They are an extension of what we are doing here at Amistad Cristiana in Mexico City.

In 2002, Enrique Bremer shared and prayed with Grady concerning the vision the Lord had given him on reaching the pastors, worship leaders and musicians of this nation.  Enrique and previously spent time with Lindell Cooley about being involved and the 'encuentros' began in May of 2002 ~ the first was held in Parral, Chihuahua at Vida Abundante where Enrique pastors.

Since that time those of us who have been involved have experienced such a presence of God that our lives are being dramatically changed for those times spent ~ facedown, in pray and in His presence.  It is nothing we are doing but everything that God through His Holy Spirit is doing ~ in hearts and lives around the world.

Lindell says, "God has ruined me for Mexico!!  In the years of revival at Brownsville, I never experienced what we are experiencing in these encuentros ".  Larry Hill, Klaus Kuehn, Marco Barrientos and others are taking time to be involved, as we see this nation of Mexico embracing the call of heaven to reach the nations of the world. The really 'wondrous' thing we are seeing is that - it's not a name or a person that is drawing people to these events.  It is a hunger, like we have never seen, for God's Presence!!  People want to know the 'real' God and be in His Presence and that is what we are seeing happen.

Each 'encuentro' has a prevailing theme birthed out of the prayer for these special times.  The vision is to take the event to different areas of Mexico, for ministry to pastors, worship and youth leaders.  We are seeing that as prayer for these events is bringing unity 'God is commanding the blessing' each time we are together.  Pastors, ready to leave the ministry, are being restored and renewed in the strength of the Lord.  Healing and deliverance flows from being in His presence.  We are experiencing the wonder and awesomeness of God on a completely new and different level.  We are being challenged in our daily lives to live in His presence and submit to His leading and direction for each new day.

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Grady & team April '04 - Monastery ~ El Escorial

Lindell sharing ~ Spain ~ April 2004

Spain 2005 ~
The team will be returning for an 'Encuentro' the weekend of April 14-16,2005.  They will be arriving a few days ahead for prayer and preparation, in El Escorial, just outside Madrid.  Over 450 attended last year and we are expecting that number to double this year!!
Please pray for the preparations going into this event ~ in Mexico, Spain and the States, for those involved.  Pray for provision and for those who will come for training and ministry.  ~ gracias