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Guitars ~ Tools of the Trade

Otto bought the Strat from Grady to use with his
worship team. Money from the sell will buy a guitar for someone else.

The ministry of seeding guitars ~
The Lord opened this ministry for Grady on our first time in Spain as part of a CFNI summer outreach team to Madrid in May of 1989.  Grady was admiring the handiwork on the acoustic guitars there in the shops around the Plaza Mejor ~ just one of the many places our teams frequented during our month stay in Spain.  Just before heading back to Dallas, Grady was impressed to buy one of the spanish acoustic guitars to use in worship.    We were really blessed with the purchase - about $350 US and returned knowing that it would be used to draw others into worship and fellowship with the Lord. 
Several months later, a young man on the CFNI campus really needed an acoustic for some recording he was doing, so he borrowed the Spanish guitar.  Tim fell in love with the way it handled and the sound of the guitar so he asked Grady if he wanted to sell it.  Grady prayed and felt the Lord wanted him to sell it for the amount we had invested. 
This was the first of many such transactions and a growing process for believing and trusting in the direction of the Lord for upgrading his equipment over the years.  Each experience has had its own personality ~ stretching and challenging both of us in many ways.
The second time the Lord spoke to Grady about investing a guitar was in June, 1993 just as we were about to leave Dallasd to work at the Cristo para las Naciones -Argentina Bible school in Córdoba, Arg.
At that time, Grady owned a beautiful hand-made Jim Olson guitar - previously owned by Phil Keaggy and used on 'The Wind and the Wheat' instrumental recording done several years before our arrival at CFNI-Dallas for Bible school.  Grady had been praying and thinking he really needed something that would travel better... he knew he would be going around to different areas of Argentina raising up worship teams and working with the musicians...  Travel can be really tough on guitars.
One day, a couple of days before we were due to leave for Argentina ~ the Lord impressed Grady to give the guitar to Ed Jones.  Ed  was at CFNI with us and he and Grady spent time together with the Spanish and English worship teams ~ sharing what all musicians like to share about and growing in the Lord as they shared.
Grady tried to get him on the phone but to no avail, and finally told the Lord "Maybe I'm not suppose to give him the guitar?!"  The Lord spoke to Grady and gave him a time and place where he would find Ed.Grady went and waited... no one was there... so he told the Lord he would wait 5 more minutes... after the appointed time had come and gone.  During that time Ed arrived... puzzled, and quite sure why he had felt led by the Holy Spirit to come there.  He jumped out of the car and asked Grady if he knew what was going on?!?  Ed said that he was headed in the opposite direction, when the Lord told him he needed to be there where Grady was, at a certain time!!  He turned his car around, knowing he would be pushing it to arrive on time. 
Grady told Ed to follow him to the trunk of our car, opened it and there was the Olson.  Ed didn't get it but then Grady shared about his prayer and how the Lord had spoken to him to give his Olson to Ed.  It was a touching moment  as they both realized what the Lord was doing.  Both were blessed abundantly and above all they could have imagined.
The night before leaving for Argentina, Ed came over and gave Grady his Takamine electric-acoustic guitar ~ which Grady could use in his travels.  It was a blessing as we all prayed for each other and what the Lord would be doing in our lives in the future.

Neto with his new Rickenbacher guitar
First look at the "guitar of his dreams"!

Since that time at CFNI the Lord has given Grady many opportunities to bless others with guitar purchases and enabled him to upgrade his 'tools of the trade' as needed.
This is one of the young men on our Worship team at Amistad.  Grady had been challenging them to believe the Lord for provision in getting the equipment they wanted.  Ernesto saved for a couple of years to buy the guitar of his dreams.  The Lord lead Grady to this guitar, which was purchased through a friend at an excellent price and then shipped to us while we were in Dallas summer of 2003.