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Ministry Project 2005

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Moving on down the road ~ updating our vehicle ~

In the spring of 2004, we began to think seriously about updating our vehicle here in MexicoCity. 
We have had a wonderfully faithful Chevrolet Cavalier (1994) we bought in 1997, just after our Volkswagon Bug was stolen.  The Cavalier was 10 yrs. old last year and we had been putting money into the usual repairs needed for an older car.  The city roads are rough on cars because of the constant 18-wheeler traffic that travels through the city on a daily basis.   During rainy season there are new pot holes everyday because the rain washes out any repairs that are made.
We shared this need with some of our supporting churches in North Carolina last spring and began a Car Fund with the intention of updating our vehicle.  We wanted to share this 2005 project with those of you who would like to give towards the need.
After much investigation and searching we decided on a Nissan X-Trail.  We have been praying and asking for a used, maybe 2002 or 2003 that we would be able to buy.  For the past 6 months, we have seen X-Trails everywhere - when we go to park there would be one behind us, beside us or coming out of the parking place we were going was amazing how all of a sudden we just saw them everywhere!!  
The X-Trail will hold up on the road for the increased ministry travel we are needing to do. It will give us more room for picking up teams coming down for ministry and transporting them around the city. 
After months of believing God to meet this need, the answer came through a couple Pablo and Ana Liesa Salas with whom we work in the 3rd yr. Missions Training program at Cristo para las Naciones-Mexico.  Pablo is a graphic designer and helps with the needs in that are that we have through Amistad Cristiana, the Bible and Missions schools.
They bought an X-Trail at the end of 2003 and now need to sell it so they can make a down payment on a house.  Their X-Trail is the Titanium color and a 2003 model, used ~ just what we have been praying for.  It has only 10,000 miles on it!  Due to Pablo's traveling for work, they haven't used it much for the year they have owned it!!  The Blue book value on the car is $185,000 pesos~ $18,500.00 American and Pablo has offered it to us for $17,500.  He will need the full amount in June ~ which gives us a few months more to add to the car fund!!
All this time the car fund has been growing and we are about halfway to the needed amount of $200,000 pesos ~ $20,000 American dollars.  We will need this amount to pay for the car and the first year's insurance costs, transfer of paper fees, etc.
If you would like to help with this one time ministry project, funds may be sent through Bethany International Ministries in Minneapolis, MN.
Their address is:
Bethany International Ministries
6820 Auto Club Road     Suite D
Bloomington, Minnesota
Make check payable to: Bethany International Ministries  Please indicate, in a separate note, that your gift is for Grady & Leigh Pope.  All gifts are tax deductible and will be acknowledged with a receipt.
Thank you for standing with us in the work of the ministry to the Latin community ~ here in Mexico City and other parts of the world where we travel and share the Message of Jesus.

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