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música y más ~ a music and teaching ministry

Serving as Senders
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We are making an appeal asking that you
join your faith with ours ~ in two different ways:
1. Prayer ~
       Your prayers have sustained and encouraged our family and
        the work of the ministry with which we are involved ~
        it is one of the most vital things you can do for us!!
  Ephesians 6 is filled with instruction regarding family
  relationships, the armor of God and prayer strategies ~
  Of special importance to us, as we labor here, is that you
  would join with us in praying  Ephesians 6 ~
      vs. 18 ~  With all prayer and petition pray at all times
                       in the Spirit,and with this in view, be on the alert
                       with all perserverance and petition for all the saints
       vs.19 ~  and pray on (our) behalf, that utterance may be
                       given to (us) in the opening of (our) mouths,
                       to make known with boldness
                       the mystery of the gospel,
      vs. 20 ~  for which (we) are ambassadors. . .
Remember us in your prayers,
as we daily seek the Lord for what He has called us to do here ~
2.  Funding the ministry ~
      The faithful financial and practical support of our family 
         and for the ministry here has been an amazing testimony
         of what the Lord will do with an offering or gift given
         from the heart for His purposes -
         He has spoken to many of you and through your
         giving, over the years, we have been able to:
    * support missions students during their year of internship
         in 10/40 window areas of the world
    * support youth and others, with one time gifts
        as the Lord has lead us, for help with outreaches,
         conference fees and teaching  materials
    * monthly support allows us to open our home for hospitality
         to those visiting for the purpose of ministry
    * help equip, train and send out close to 1,500 Bible school
         and missions graduates - many of whom have served
         in 10/40 window areas
    * minister and lead upcoming musicians, Worship leaders,
         pastors, singers, video & audio workers into a deeper
         understanding of their place as ministers from a place
         of intimacy with the Lord
Please continue to pray for our family and the work of the ministry here in Mexico City.  If you would like to give financially ~ tax-deductible gifts may be sent to the following address:
Bethany International Ministries
for: Grady & Leigh Pope
6820 Auto Club Road   Suite D
Bloomington, Minnesota  55438
*Please attach a note stating your gift is for Grady and Leigh Pope
We thank you for standing with us in prayer and for the funding of the ministry as the Lord leads you ~
"In all (our) prayers for all of you, (we) always pray with joy because of your partnership (with us) in the gospel. . ."Phil.1:4,5

Learn more about Bethany International and Bethany International Ministries~

...missions exists because worship doesn't. . .
                     John Piper in his book on World Missions

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